The Eric C. Powell remix of HEALING, Yves Schelp’s (Psy’Aviah) stunning collaboration with Tina Forlorn (Sorrow Stories). A melancholic dark pop song with strong highly expressive vocals leading breakbeat arrangements and sinister melodic synth lines.

From iSunray and Cosmic Address comes a “gorgeous love letter to the 1980s” titled THE YOUNG ONES. This Eric C. Powell remix creates a special ambience-infused element to the song while adding vocoders for a retro vibe.

Introducing the Eric C. Powell remix of YOU WON’T LET ME GO from the Daniel Hall album Human Resurrection (The Remixes). On this remix, Eric C. Powell retains the original track’s upbeat vibe borrowing synth work and harmony structures from synthpop classics like Yazoo and the Lightning Seeds. Available on all major platforms.

In the Eric C. Powell remix of the Dani Tamayo track Blind in Love, Eric works to layer an upfront digital bass with an analog pad foundation, some 8-bit flourishes, and a robot voice.

Released worldwide in September 2021, the Eric C. Powell remix of‘s Why Should I Run? incorporates a demandingly blunt lead synth, playfully shimmering arpeggios and a classic 80s drum beat. Eric seeks to bring a more outright 80s feeling, introducing an openly retrospective tonal quality weaving around’s trademark vocals.

Released in May 2021, Eric C. Powell’s remix of Positronic‘s track When You Fall Down is available on the When You Fall Down Remixes EP. Eric’s remix brings analog warmth and a distinctive piano and pads intro reminiscent of 80s new romantic era of the 80s.

Released worldwide on December 17, 2020, the Eric C. Powell remix of Dani Tamayo‘s Be Yourself adds Eric’s remixing magic with a pulse bass, a funky lead synth, with new layer of vocal production. It’s a wonderful tune to remix and blend in the Eric C. Powell signature style.

Eric C. Powell works his remix magic on Sombre Moon‘s Track linger. The Linger (Eric C. Powell Remix) infuses the track with analog warmth and focuses additional emphasis on vocals. It’s included on Sombre Moon’s EP titled Only You.

The new single I’m on My Way is a collaboration with the talented electronic artist Cheddr. The single features Andrea Powell and Eric C. Powell on vocals with music written by Cheddr and vocal melody & lyrics by the Powells.

Remember that 80s tune by Murray Head from the musical “Chess”? Well, LorD and Master put together some great cover music for One Night in Bangkok and asked Andrea and Eric to record some vocals. They also pulled in Andrik Arkane for the verses and some extra glitchy production and came up with three great versions: the standard single, the Andrik Arkane Remix, and the LorD and Master Remix.

The wonderful Graflex has given Eric C. Powell the opportunity to remix their lovely Angels of Tomorrow! You know how much Eric loves vocals, so he tried to emphasize the vocals tracks and some analog synths on this one.

One of Eric C. Powell’s first released remixes, Is That What You Want (Eric C. Powell Remix) captures the vocal essence of the track while bringing warm analog pads and a smooth silky pace to an already amazing song. The remix track is available on Swedish artist Uncreated‘s “Is that what you want – The Remixes” E.P. from Conzoom Records.