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Award-winning duo Eric C. Powell + Andrea Powell announce their new WINTER SONG for the 2021 holidays. A cover originally written and performed by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson, the song is a story about how winter storms can bury and hide life and love. But love is alive deep under the snow to be revealed again.

Available for preorder exclusively at Bandcamp.

Following the original collaboration of I’M ON MY WAY, between electronic artist Cheddr and duo Eric C. Powell + Andrea Powell now comes a limited set of remixes. Announcing the new I’M ON MY WAY REMIXES which includes the original single and four amazing new remixes. People Theatre gives the track a welcome and warm synthpop makeover with their “Beacon” remix. Synesthete offers a dynamic remix with open piano and vocals set against distorted and driving synth sequences. And Fused provides two Pet Shop Boys influenced dance club remixes, one radio and one extended length. Worldwide release on major platforms on June 25, 2021.

Introducing FLY AWAY REMIXES, the new remix album from Eric C. Powell and Andrea Powell. The 14-track album highlights four key songs from FLY AWAY, reimagined and remixed by some of the best electronic producers in the indie synth community. The album will feature tracks from Nature of Wires, LorD and Master, Graflex, Andrik Arkane, and People Theatre, but also new artists we’ve worked with including BlakLight, Kim Lunner, Cyborgdrive, Miles Matrix, and Sorry the Hedgehog. Worldwide release to major platforms on May 21, 2021.

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The first 2021 release from award-winning synthwave synthpop duo Eric C. Powell + Andrea Powell is the SOUL TO YOUR HEART max-single. This release is a modern reworking of the song “Soul to Your Heart” originally released under their former act Turning Keys. Recognized as a top track in the 1991 Billboard Magazine Songwriting Contest, this is the 30-year anniversary release of the song and includes four new versions. Released on all platforms on January 29, 2021.

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Released worldwide on October 2, 2020, FLY AWAY is a musical synth journey born in the desire to escape – a voyage to the center of the soul. The new album includes four already loved favorites, plus five stunning new tracks including The Bedside Table, Fly Away, Warning Signs, and And I Know. CDs available at Bandcamp now!

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Released June 2020, Mute is an isolation-inspired instrumental EP from Eric C. Powell. The 7 tracks are a journey through the emotions and phases of COVID-19 lockdowns, closures, and shelter-in-place. It’s dedicated to those who have lost loved ones and livelihoods to this global epidemic.

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Introducing the Andrik Arkane remix of O Come Emmanuel. It’s from the electronic rendition of the classic Christmas hymn from synthwave synthpop duo Eric C. Powell and Andrea Powell. This version by noted remixer and producer Andrik Arkane retains the mystery and power of the original version while transforming the track into a modern EDM, pop, and dance gem ready for the dance floor.

This 007-inspired track featuring Eric C. Powell and Andrea Powell, released in April 2020, is an homage to the James Bond franchise entitled No Time to Love, No Time to Die. With original music borrowing from the James Bond Theme by Monty Norman, the lyrics are presented as a vocal duet and reflect Bond and another spy who are both hiding secrets from one another in a dangerous attraction. It’s on fire!! And it was created for the BB Show 007 Theme Contest on WA12 Radio!

The True Remixed album is due for release in February 2020 and already available for preorder. It features 15 new remixes of songs from Eric C. Powell’s True album. There are original reimagined and remixed versions of tracks from Parralox, Nature of Wires, Fused, People Theatre, Andrik Arkane, Graflex, Synesthete, LorD and Master, screamershock, Auralux (Jonah Walton from Tyton Project), and two bonus alternate versions from Eric C. Powell.

Shattered Glass is a smooth downtempo synthwave tune collaboration releasing to all major platforms on February 14, 2020. Cowritten together, Andrea provides the lead vocals with Eric on backing vocals and synths for this track. Also featured are the guitar stylings of Stereo in Solo, the veteran synth artist and musician hailing from France. He is known for his smash indie hit “Flowers on the Moon.” Also included on the single is an exclusive Andrik Arkane remix of the track. The upbeat dance remix track features driving arpeggio bass lines and a hint of vocoder.

The Welcome to Synthtopia single was released in December 2019. A surprise release, the release is a chill and energetic departure from their usual, but still features signature synth hooks, flowing pads, and retro arpeggios. You’ll hear a musical vocoder soundscape interspersed with lovely vocalizations from Andrea Powell.

The awaited True album was released in September 2019 on all digital platforms with a special limited edition physical CD available only on Bandcamp. True features four hit singles and adds five outstanding new tracks like Waiting for the Time, How I Feel, Sunshine, and But Not Tonight—each receiving positive reviews and airplay in the UK, EU, Canada, US, and abroad. True also received Best Dance Album recognition from the Clouzine International Electronic Music Awards in Fall 2019.

January 2019 started strong with Need a Place. Receiving considerable radio airplay and regcognized as Best Song Composition in Clouzine’s 2019 International Electronic Music Awards, the 3-track single features the lovely Andrea Powell as cowriter and lead vocalist. Need a Place is a danceable delight with a synthpop synthwave vibe and catchy, memorable melody.

December wrapped up 2018 with a surprise holiday track. Two powerful, brooding synthpop renditions of the ancient carol O Come Emmanuel usually offered for free download during the holiday season.

The Click single sensation was followed in September 18 with the release of Take It All Apart: Click Remixed, a new remix E.P. including 8 distinctive and engaging versions of the synthpop sensation Click. The E.P. features 6 breakout electronic artists and producers including Fused, Nature of Wires, and Andrik Arkane each with their own unique renditions of Click.

Schwarzes Bayern Music Tip

The single True, a synthwave-flavored love song with catchy synthpop leads and melodic vocals, was released in June 2018 as precursor to the upcoming album of the same name.

Released in May 2018 was DarwinMcD single collaboration entitled Click. The culmination of DarwinMcD’s perfectly captured synthpop feel, mixed with Eric’s catchy lyrics and vocal melody created an immediate buzz across synth-focused radio in the UK and Europe.

In early 2018, Eric released his new single Noise Zombie, catching the attention of the synthwave and electronica scene. The song was written for the 2018 SynthMaster Track Contest winning the global 3rd place award.

Eric released his first solo album in years, shortly after moving to Austin, Texas USA. Known as “the live music capital of the world,” Austin is also home to a thriving synthwave, industrial, and goth electronic music culture. This solo album Back to Life boasts songs with an electronic indie pop feel, and at the same time, reflects the influences of Eric’s earlier songwriting.


Released worldwide in September 2021, the Eric C. Powell remix of e.no‘s Why Should I Run? incorporates a demandingly blunt lead synth, playfully shimmering arpeggios and a classic 80s drum beat. Eric seeks to bring a more outright 80s feeling, introducing an openly retrospective tonal quality weaving around e.no’s trademark vocals.

Released in May 2021, Eric C. Powell’s remix of Positronic‘s track When You Fall Down is available on the When You Fall Down Remixes EP. Eric’s remix brings analog warmth and a distinctive piano and pads intro reminiscent of 80s new romantic era of the 80s.

The Eric C. Powell remix of Dani Tamayo‘s Be Yourself adds Eric’s remixing magic with a pulse bass, a funky lead synth, with new layer of vocal production. It’s a wonderful tune to remix and blend in the Eric C. Powell signature style.

Eric C. Powell works his remix magic on Sombre Moon‘s Track Linger. The Linger (Eric C. Powell Remix) infuses the track with analog warmth and focuses additional emphasis on vocals. It’s included on Sombre Moon’s EP titled Only You.

The new single I’m on My Way is a collaboration with the talented electronic artist Cheddr. The single features Andrea Powell and Eric C. Powell on vocals with music written by Cheddr and vocal melody & lyrics by the Powells.

Remember that 80s tune by Murray Head from the musical “Chess”? Well, LorD and Master put together some great cover music for One Night in Bangkok and asked Andrea and Eric to record some vocals. They also pulled in Andrik Arkane for the verses and some extra glitchy production and came up with three great versions: the standard single, the Andrik Arkane Remix, and the LorD and Master Remix.

The wonderful Graflex has given Eric C. Powell the opportunity to remix their lovely Angels of Tomorrow! You know how much Eric loves vocals, so he tried to emphasize the vocals tracks and some analog synths on this one.

One of Eric C. Powell’s first released remixes, Is That What You Want (Eric C. Powell Remix) captures the vocal essence of the track while bringing warm analog pads and a smooth silky pace to an already amazing song. The remix track is available on Swedish artist Uncreated‘s “Is that what you want – The Remixes” E.P. from Conzoom Records.


After a near two decade hiatus Turning Keys Essentials was released in February of 2016. This compilation album features 11 remastered songs from two albums never before available in digital format. It includes all the songs from Turning Keys’ sophomore album “Waiting” AND the Turning Keys debut EP “Opening Doors” previously available only on vinyl. You can download the album or singles from iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon. You can also order physical CDs from CDBaby and soon on Bandcamp.

The 1994 EP Stay was the final Turning Keys release to feature all three original members of the band. Stay featured band members Eric C. Powell and Jeffrey Gonzalez with former band member and co-founder Andrea Powell contributing additional vocals. This release has not been remastered and is the original recording and mastering available only on Bandcamp.

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