Something new is coming for 2023! Six reimagined remixes of the Eric C. Powell + Andrea Powell favorite IT’S NO WONDER by top producers and artists in the indie synth community. Includes remixes from People Theatre, Andrik Arkane, isunray, darwinmcd, and Cyborgdrive! Currently available for preorder on Bandcamp . Worldwide to major platforms confirmed for February 6, 2023. 


People Theatre Surprise Remix – French-based electro artist People Theatre brings a modern touch for dark, techno, club, and synthpop styles. The People Theatre Surprise Remix utilizes piano and gentle pulsating bass for a smooth synthpop experience. For radio airplay starting January 18, 2023


darwinmcd Remix – Known for his distinctive upbeat synthpop style, darwinmcd is an independent electronic music artist, producer and remixer from Southern California, USA. Eric and darwinmcd worked together previously on the popular track Click. For radio airplay starting January 5, 2023

It’s No Wonder Remixes (EP)

Release Date : February 2, 2023
Artists : Andrea Powell, Eric C. Powell
Catalog ref. : E00051
Format : Digital Download