The first 2021 release from award-winning synthwave synthpop duo Eric C. Powell + Andrea Powell is the SOUL TO YOUR HEART max-single. This release is a modern reworking of the song “Soul to Your Heart” originally released under their former act Turning Keys. Recognized as a top track in the 1991 Billboard Magazine Songwriting Contest, this is the 30-year anniversary release of the song and includes four new versions.

1. Soul to Your Heart – This original mix retains the integrity of the 1991 version, but is completely rearranged with new instrument sounds and vocal recordings. The lyrics speak to losing oneself in a relationship, surrendering so much that there is nothing left of your soul.

2. Soul to Your Heart (Icy Blue Mix) – This alternate arrangement is danceable and upbeat, focusing on the “icy blue” bell chimes and driving staccato bass sure to delight retro synth and italo dance enthusiasts.

3. Soul to Your Heart (Andrik Arkane Remix) – This version is a bass-laden trance-induced modern electro house remix from noted producer and artist Andrik Arkane.

4. Soul to Your Heart (Instrumental) – The instrumental version of the original mix.

Released on all platforms on January 29, 2021.

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Soul to Your Heart (Single)

Release Date : January 29, 2021
Artists : Andrea Powell, Eric C. Powell
Catalog ref. : E00041-SSO
Format : Digital Download