Take It All Apart: Click Remixed (EP)

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Title : Take It All Apart: Click Remixed
Release Date : September 7, 2018
Format : Digital Download


Introducing “Take It All Apart: Click Remixed,” a new remix E.P. including 8 distinctive and engaging versions of the synthpop sensation “Click.” The E.P. features 6 breakout electronic artists and producers including Fused, Nature of Wires, and Andrik Arkane, each with their own unique renditions of “Click.”

The original “Click” single was the culmination of DarwinMcD’s (pronounced: “darwin-mick-dee”) perfectly captured synthpop feel, mixed with Eric C. Powell’s catchy lyrics and vocal melody that created an immediate buzz across synth-focused radio in the UK and Europe.

(E.P. due for release to all digital outlets by September 7, 2018. Pre-order and September 3 early release exclusively on Bandcamp. Purchase and stream links will be added here as they become available.)

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