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Take it All Apart

Take It All Apart:
Click Remixed
by Darwinmcd and Eric C. Powell
Introducing “Take It All Apart: Click Remixed,” a new remix E.P. including 8 distinctive and engaging versions of the synthpop sensation “Click.” The E.P. features 6 breakout electronic artists and producers, each with their own unique renditions of “Click.”
The original “Click” single was the culmination of Darwinmcd’s (pronounced: “darwin-mick-dee”) perfectly captured synthpop feel, mixed with Eric C. Powell’s catchy lyrics and vocal melody that created an immediate buzz across synth-focused radio in the UK and Europe.
DarwinMcD – Darwinmcd (pronounced: “darwin-mick-dee”) hails from Southern California, where the weather is always nice and the culture is diverse – both socially and musically. He has been producing instrumental electronic music for himself as a creative outlet for a number of years, but recently decided to share it with the world. As a songwriter, darwinmcd was heavily influenced by 80’s and early 90’s electronic/alternative bands.
Eric C. Powell – Eric C. Powell is an award-winning indie synthpop electronic music artist and enthusiast inspiring creativity and passion in music and life. Eric’s writing and production reflect his signature catchy synth tracks with penetrating lyrics to challenge any listener and delight synth enthusiasts.
Fused – Fused is a UK based electronic music synthpop artist influenced by Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Mesh, Tenek, De/Vision, Camouflage, Lowe and Parralox (among many others) who has been writing and recording as Fused since 1989. Heavily influenced by the quality production values of Alan Wilder, Fused is also in demand as a well regarded electronic music producer and remix contributor.
Nature of Wires – Nature of Wires hails from England’s green and pleasant Herefordshire. Originally formed in 1986, they captivated fans with their melodic but muscular take on synthpop. Nature of Wires’ Gary Watts has created over 40 remixes since 2014 for various artists around the globe, including Sigue Sigue Sputnik Electronic, Massive Ego and Leaether Strip. The Nature of Wires style is now seen by some as instantly recognizable, and demand for remixes shows no sign of slowing down.
Andrik Arkane – Andrik Arkane is a dark electro pop artist influenced by electronic/metalcore bands such as Eskimo Callboy, Asking Alexandria and Breathe Carolina. Arkane has a love for dark electro beats mixed with a hard rock edge, whether it be crushing distorted bass or in-your-face screaming vocals. Andrik Arkane strives to push thought-provoking lyrics in hopes to sever the ties that traditions and conformity put on our lives. Andrik has been working hard and is planning the release his debut Andrik Arkane album “The Witching Hour.”
Andrea Powell – A vocalist and songwriter, Andrea Powell has embraced music her whole life. She was one of the founding members and lead female vocalist of Turning Keys, an early 90s synth pop band which received favorable reviews and a significant following in the Southern California electronica sub-culture. Today, her vocals and songwriting are most often featured in various Eric C. Powell releases.
01. 7″ Ruby Red Fused Remix – A classic synthpop-inspired dance mix of Click. Remixed, arranged, and produced by Fused.
02. 12″ Ruby Red Fused Remix – An extended classic synthpop-inspired dance mix of Click. Remixed, arranged, and produced by Fused.
03. L12″ Yellow Brick Fused Club Mix – A dance-oriented synthpop club mix of Click. Remixed, arranged, and produced by Fused.
04. XL12″ Agent Orange Fused Mix – A shorter experimental mix of Click. Remixed, arranged, and produced by Fused.
05. Nature of Wires Remix – A retro-inspired remix with lush synths and moody strings. Remixed, arranged, and produced by Nature of Wires.
06. Andrik Arkane Remix – As a hardcore-inspired remix of Click, this minor-key rendition strives to give the original a dark and bass-heavy sound. Remixed, arranged, and produced by Andrik Arkane.
07. Purple Rose Organic Mix – An unplugged-style piano pop ballad version of the popular synthpop single Click featuring the vocal stylings of Andrea Powell. Remixed, arranged, and produced by Eric C. Powell and DarwinMcD.
08. ECP Emerald Vocal Remix – An extended version of the Click in the Eric C. Powell style with a focus on lush analog synths and shimmering vocals. Features the vocal stylings of Andrea Powell. Remixed, arranged, and produced by Eric C. Powell.

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