Click (Single)

Band : ,
Title : Click
Release Date : May 11, 2018
Format : Digital Download


Click is a collaboration between DarwinMcD (pronounced: “darwin-mick-dee”) and Eric C. Powell. It’s bright and uplifting synthpop goodness, yet boasts a fresh modern edge.

For this song, DarwinMcD (@darwinmcd) sent his demo out to Eric and a few others for feedback. Eric wrote lyrics and recorded vocals on a Saturday, mixed and mastered on a Sunday, and the track was finalized on a Tuesday. Click is a testament to how the music industry today benefits indie artists and how modern technology can allow two artists, living over a thousand miles apart, to produce a finished track in under a week.
The cullmination of DarwinMcD’s perfectly captured synthpop feel, mixed with Eric’s catchy lyrics and vocal melody has created an immediate buzz across synth-focused radio in the UK and Europe.
The final single boasts three versions starting with the final mix with Eric’s vocal and other contributions. Also included are an collaborative instrumental titled the “No Vox Mix” and the original DarwinMcD solo demo “Demo Mix.”
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