Click is a collaboration between Darwinmcd (pronounced: “darwin-mick-dee”) and Eric C. Powell. It’s bright and uplifting synthpop goodness, yet boasts a fresh modern edge.

For this song, Darwinmcd (@darwinmcd) sent his demo out to Eric and a few others for feedback. Eric wrote lyrics and recorded vocals on a Saturday, mixed and mastered on a Sunday, and the track was finalized on a Tuesday. Click is a testament to how the music industry today benefits indie artists and how modern technology can allow two artists, living over a thousand miles apart, to produce a finished track in under a week. The cullmination of Darwinmcd’s perfectly captured synthpop feel, mixed with Eric’s catchy lyrics and vocal melody has created an immediate buzz across synth-focused radio in the UK and Europe.

The final single boasts three versions starting with the final mix with Eric’s vocal and other contributions. Also included are a collaborative instrumental titled the “No Vox Mix” and the original Darwinmcd solo demo “Demo Mix.” A bonus XTended version is exclusively available when purchased through Bandcamp.

NOW AVAILABLE – Introducing Take It All Apart: Click Remixed, a new remix E.P. including 8 distinctive and engaging versions of the synthpop sensation “Click” The E.P. features 6 breakout electronic artists and producers such as Fused, Nature of Wires, and Andrik Arkane — each with their own unique renditions of “Click.”

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Click (Single)

Release Date : May 11, 2018
Artists : DarwinMcD, Eric C. Powell
Catalog ref. : DMD020-SCL
Format : Digital Download