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About Media Recognition and Airplay

On this page you will find articles, awards and chart placements, compilation inclusions, as well as an extensive listing of radio stations, shows, and broadcasts that have supported Eric C. Powell music. If you see information missing or incorrect, please let us know.

If you are a DJ, music reviewer, podcast creator, or any radio or press member, click here to contact us directly for prompt exclusive access to the Eric C. Powell EPK and music downloads.

Reviews + Articles

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Electro / Synth Music Review Blog

Review: Synthpop Single Review: World Falls Away.
Author: Karl Magi.

"Eric C. Powell’s vocals are powerful and expressive, soaring out over the steady string motion and the piano’s rich notes as distant electronic sounds add shape."

The Spill Magazine

Independent Music Online Magazine

Review: Spill Album Review: Eric C. Powell - Fly Away.
Author: Aaron Badgley.

"[Fly Away] is a highly recommended album for synthpop fans and anyone who just digs unique, creative, intelligent and excellent music."


Electro / Synth Music Website

Review: Synth EP Review: Mute by Eric C. Powell.
Author: Karl Magi.

"Using the palette of retro synth-based music, Eric C. Powell intertwines and layers sounds, exploring different synth tones and timbres to help create strong imagery."


Blog for Musicians by Musicians

Review: Eric C. Powell: Need A Place.
Author: fatherartois.

"Kind of like if Gary Numan and DeadMau5 had a child, and that child was a prodigy."


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