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Eric C. Powell is an award-winning indie synthpop/synthwave electronic music artist featured on BBC Introducing and named 2nd place for Best Electro Act in the 2018 WigWam Online Music Awards. Eric’s writing and production reflect his signature catchy synth tracks with strong vocals and penetrating lyrics to challenge any listener and delight synth enthusiasts.

Genre: Synthpop, Synthwave, Electronic, Alternative, Indie
Similar Artists: Mesh, De/Vision, OMD, Pet Shop Boys
Location: Austin, Texas

Eric C. Powell expressed an interest in music and displayed a natural talent from an early age, but it was when he received a now-vintage analog Roland Juno 106 synthesizer that his songwriting craft began. His teens proved to be creative years for Eric as he wrote, recorded, and performed hundreds of originals songs. Eric seized many opportunities to share his music performing for school events, selling cassette tape recordings, and regularly performing at a local restaurant at the age of 16.

College years marked a dive into the music industry for Eric. After an interview, a potential music manager suggested he seek out band members to record a demo. A few months later, Eric formed Turning Keys, an early 90s synth pop band which received favorable reviews and a significant following in the Southern California electronica sub-culture. Eric took the role of frontman and songwriter of Turning Keys with the band producing several albums, music videos, a tour, and a number of live performances – notably opening with Flock of Seagulls, Depeche Mode, and Missing Persons.

Eric moved on from Turning Keys but continued his songwriting craft, eventually finding work as a professional band leader working with numerous skilled musicians and vocalists in California and Montana. It was during this time that Eric also honed his skills as a live musician. With keyboard and vocals as his main instruments, he also learned skills on guitar and djembe, but more importantly how to form a cohesive sound with a group of musicians from different backgrounds and influences.

In recent years, Eric settled from Montana to California, and finally to Austin, Texas USA. Since then, he has released a newly remastered compilation of his songs from Turning Keys called TK Essentials.

Current Releases

Announcing Need a Place, the first Eric C. Powell single for 2019! It has received considerable radio airplay and the song won the Best Composition category in Clouzine’s 2019 International Electronic Music Awards. Need A Place is available on all major music platforms. The 3-track single features the lovely Andrea Powell as cowriter and lead vocalist. Need a Place is a danceable delight with a synthpop synthwave vibe and catchy, memorable melody.

The new Eric C. Powell album entitled “True” is scheduled for release soon and the included track Need a Place is also available for immediate download with the album preorder.

True Remix Previews

Having nearly finished a remix collection that will consist of 14 tracks from the yet to be finalized True album, Eric is breaking the “pause” before the anticipated True release with some new fantastic remixes.

First up is the Andrik Arkane remix of True. Andrik skillfully retains vocal and melodic elements of the original but gives the track a distinct and unique personality. This remix has spend nearly four weeks at number one on the LRdR Radio Top 50 chart.

Next is the the Synesthete remix of Need A Place featuring Andrea Powell on vocals and as songwriter. Synesthete (pronounced SIN-IS-THEET) is a prolific artist and remixer with a number of titles to his name. In this remix, Synesthete artfully blends rock, electronica, dubstep, synth rock and other genres for a new take on the well-received original single.

These exclusive previews are only available for radio play at this time, with the full TRUE REMIXED album due for release by the end of year.

Previous Releases

Eric released his first solo album in years, shortly after moving to Austin, Texas USA. Known as “the live music capital of the world,” Austin is also home to a thriving synthwave, industrial, and goth electronic music culture. This solo album Back to Life, boasts songs with an electronic indie pop feel, and at the same time, reflects the influences of Eric’s earlier songwriting.

In early 2018, Eric released his new single, Noise Zombie, catching the attention of the synthwave and electronica scene. The song was written for the 2018 SynthMaster Track Contest winning the global 3rd place award.

Released on May 11, was a collaboration with DarwinMcD (@darwinmcd) on a new single entitled Click. The culmination of DarwinMcD’s perfectly captured synthpop feel, mixed with Eric’s catchy lyrics and vocal melody created an immediate buzz across synth-focused radio in the UK and Europe.

The single True, released June 2 is a synthwave-flavored love song with catchy synthpop leads and melodic vocals. True is the title track of Eric’s forthcoming album by the same name.

September 7 saw the release of Take It All Apart: Click Remixed, a new remix E.P. including 8 distinctive and engaging versions of the synthpop sensation Click. The E.P. features 6 breakout electronic artists and producers including Fused, Nature of Wires, and Andrik Arkane, each with their own unique renditions of Click.

December wrapped up 2018 with a surprise holiday track. Two powerful, brooding synthpop renditions of the ancient carol O Come Emmanuel are available on all major platforms and were FREE through the 2018 holidays.

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